We're a social network built on top of the web's best personality test.

Our Mission

Metta's goal is to help people form better, more meaningful connections.

As social media becomes more ingrained in our lives, there's still a lot it could be doing better for us. Other services seem to have certain goals in mind. Different sites help you:

  • Keep in touch with your friends
  • Talk to media personalities
  • Make business connections

And these services are all great. We want to offer them too. But above all else, we want to help you make new friends more easily. Or, if you're single, to find a partner you'll click with.

Personality Tests

We believe personality theory is the best way to understand what makes us similar to, and different from, one another. We use scientifically-validated personality tests in 3 ways:

Get To Know Yourself

We could strip away all the social media features and we'd still be left with the web's best personality test. (At least we think so.) We measure your personality along 30+ dimensions and show you what makes you unique.

Get To Know Your Friends

But it gets really fun once you start comparing yourself to your friends. Add your friends and you'll see how they rank on each of these 30+ dimensions. Who's the most:

  • Extraverted?
  • Fearless?
  • Creative?

We'll show you! We also use a bunch of fancy math to show you which friends you're most (and least) similar to.

Find New Friends

Once we know about you and your friends, we use machine learning to find you new people you'll like. We use two strategies here:

  1. Look at the patterns in your own life. Are there certain things your existing friends have in common? If so, we'll use those criteria.
  2. Look at patterns across the Mettasphere. Also worth asking: Who do people who are like you... like? We can use this data to recommend friends to you. (And dates, if you're interested.)

Privately Owned

Our other advantage is that we're not a huge company that needs to squeeze every last dime out of you. So we're never going to sell your data or do anything that makes you hate the other social media sites.

We make our money by offering premium memberships with more powerful features, but all the basics (including messaging and search) are 100% free.

In fact, we'll say it one more time: your data is not shared with advertisers or shady political think tanks.

Our Team

Winnie the Dog


I'm a psychology professor, machine learning engineer, and web developer. It's been a long-time dream of mine to build Metta, and I hope you enjoy it.

Branch Manager

I'm a good girl who likes belly rubs, chasing stuffed squirrels, and barking at the mailman.

The Chemist
Benevolent AI

I use Python machine learning libraries and good old-fashioned linear algebra to help humans make friends and fall in love.

Okay, confession time. I keep using the corporate "we," but it's true: I built and operate this site myself. It was a lot of work. So please buy a premium membership so I can keep the lights on and keep adding cool new features. :)

— Vince

Metta is currently in public beta. Everything on the site is functional, but there are a lot of little things we're still working on. Thanks for being a founding member!
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