Our Values


As we’ve mentioned throughout the site, we will never share or sell your data. By necessity, our service learns a lot of private things about you, and we honor the trust you place in us.


By providing comprehensive personality testing, we help friends feel closer to one another. When you share and compare results, you’ll learn new things about each other and spark interesting new topics for conversation.

A lot of research suggests that the key to emotional closeness is what we call mutual self-disclosure; when two people both share personal details about themselves. Metta nudges you into doing that, without being too pushy or invasive.

Math & Science

We also want to nurture new relationships -- both platonic and romantic -- by giving you powerful search filters so you can find people you’ll get along with.

Here’s where our values get a little more controversial! Although we give you manual search control, we believe that machine learning can find you matches even more effectively than you can yourself.

As humans, we’re all stuck inside an experiment with a sample size of 1. We use our limited experiences to draw conclusions -- sometimes they’re right, but often they’re not.

While Metta celebrates your uniqueness, many people around the world are also “similar enough” to you. Our strategy is to average out their experiences to provide you with friend recommendations that have a high probability of going well.

If you agree with that logic, then you’ll feel right at home here. In statistics we trust.


The foundation of our personality testing is the NEO-PI-R, a test that measures the “big five” personality traits and their various facets. We consider this the gold standard in understanding human behavior.

We augment the test with several of our own questions that we believe might be more relevant to our social network. So if you noticed this isn’t exactly the NEO-PI-R -- good job, you’re absolutely right.

Once you finish answering all of the “scientific” personality questions, we’ll start throwing some weird stuff at you. You’ll start seeing our experimental questions. We don’t want to falsely claim that they’re “good” questions, but we believe in experimentation and finding new ways to understand people. So we’ll continue adding questions whenever new ideas come to us, and the most relevant ones will get promoted over time.


The name Metta refers to the Buddhist term for loving-kindness -- having empathy and compassion for others.

“Do good” is our core philosophy. We were founded as an outlet for effective altruism. This means we want to use our status and influence to efficiently make the world a better place. As we grow, we’ll donate a portion of our profits to effective charities such as GiveWell, the Against Malaria Foundation, Animal Equality International, and Cool Earth.

We’ll have more to say on this front once we’re actually making money. ;) Stay tuned!

Metta is currently in public beta. Everything on the site is functional, but there are a lot of little things we're still working on. Thanks for being a founding member!
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